Announcing a New Meaningful Enrichment Program in Georgia

Differentiate your School by offering the ColorSoundation Music Academy!

Georgia Child Care Centers can now offer Children a high quality, academically designed and taught progressive Music Literacy program. Music training and lessons have shown to have lasting, lifelong intellectual, social, and developmental benefits; BRAIN DEVELOPMENT-Verbal Intelligence, Memory Abilities, Motor and Reasoning Skills, Shapes Personality, Creativity Enhancements, Impacts IQ, and Academic Achievement

Children have FUN in the classes and Love Music Day!

The Founders of ColorSoundation, having developed the ColorSoundation Music Literacy program in Los Angeles, and having been professional musicians and executives in the Music Industry, have relocated to Atlanta to start offering their highly regarded young child music literacy academy to the Children of Georgia

What Differentiates the ColorSoundation Music Academy from other Music Enrichment Programs?

  • Objectives of Program- Setting Foundation for music literacy
  • Part of a larger Talent Development and Performance Organization
  • Progressive talent development
  • Proprietary Music Literacy Methodology
  • Founders Experience and Skills
  • Curriculum Designesign- Lesson plans and special child learning techniques
  • Technology implementation within the curriculum
  • Teacher Selection and Training- Certification by Founder

Why Schools should offer the ColorSoundation Music Academy?

  • Make a true difference in a child and their family’s lives
  • Differentiate your School from the Competition through academic excellence and quality of enrichment programs to offer
  • Parents want, and expect, a higher standard for enrichment
  • Children, Parents, and Teachers love ColorSoundation!

Why Parents should enroll their Children?

  • To enhance their Child’s Brain development and to enrich their experience attending their Child
    Care Center
  • The Gift of music literacy, lasts a lifetime, and will enhance their child’s vocal and instrumental
    performance and advancement in later years
  • Children look forward to going to Child Care on Music day for ColorSoundation = HAPPY CHILD!

For Parents


The first group of Schools will start the Phase I Class in January and continue for 20 weeks, ending in May, and follow the schedule:

Phase I- January – May- 20 Weeks
Phase II- June and July Summer Camp- 8 Weeks
Phase III- August – December- 20 Weeks

  • 30-45 minute classes led by a Trained, Certified Instructor/Teacher
  • One Teacher per 8 Children
  • Class Size of 8 or 16

Classroom Materials and Student Materials are included in weekly tuition, including a ColorSoundation Shirt


3, 4, and 5 year olds


  • $15 per week for 20 weeks
  • Paid at time of enrollment
  • Single payment or three payments on Credit Card
  • Transaction completed on ColorSoundation Website

For Schools


The Annual Classroom Materials and Supply Fee is only $500

How to Host the ColorSoundation Music Academy at your school

    1. Complete the School Application
    2. Meet with the Founder at your school
    3. Receive confirmation of Acceptance into Program
    4. Pay Annual Classroom Materials Fee
    5. School Marketing Kit Sent to School and ColorSoundation Website Listing Created
    6. Post Program Information on School Website
    7. Parent Enrollment and Fees paid on ColorSoundation Website
    8. Meet the Instructor at School

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