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Music Instructor Snags Nationwide Licensing Deal

Local music instructor Shiho Yamamoto has secured a licensing deal with a national preschool chain to use her “color soundation” musical education technique.

Yamamoto’s SKY Edutainment signed a deal with Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies of Duluth, Georgia, a chain with 160 franchise operations in 16 states that teach about 35,000 preschool children. The deal vastly expands the reach of the color soundation technique, which is currently being used in about 50 preschools and music schools.

Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Yamamoto’s system associates colors with specific musical notes: a C on the major scale gets the color red, a D gets the color yellow, and so on. The idea is to reinforce the note sound with a specific color, making it easier for children to recognize and learn.

In a recent Business Journal article, Yamamoto said, “Once young children learn the notes with these colors, they don’t forget them.”